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MC-1025 MC-1025 MC-1025
Modé Crochet Doily/Charger - 15" Round

A celebration of color and pattern, our crochet doilies are stylish and practical, no home should be without them! Take advantage of their indoor/outdoor functionality that is fun and easy-care. Use them alone or in multiplies depending on your need. All our doilies are created by artisans who hand-crochet each piece with care using durable polypropylene yarn.

  • Doily/Charger measures 15"
  • Hand-crocheted
  • Uses include
    • doily
    • charger
  • Polypropylene yarn
    • repels water
    • colorfast
    • recyclable
    • bleach resistant
    • food safe
  • Imported
Care & Content

100% polypropylene. Washing machine and dishwasher safe.

Item Number: MC-1025



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